Hey there gorgeous! I’m Amanda Jane Clarkson,

Like millions of women, I am a serial entrepreneur who has started and experienced all types of businesses, ranging from food, traditional retail, health and beauty services, manufacturing, importing, professional speaking, online ecommerce, and education. To name a few LOL!

Maybe, like you at times, I’ve felt exhausted, scared, embarrassed, worried, afraid and like a down right failure!

Throughout the years of starting so many businesses, being in the trenches and living through the good, the bad and downright heartbreaking times, what helped me break through the perceived failures and finally realise my dreams were my mentors and belonging to a supportive community.

Since 1997 becoming empowered in all areas of my life has been an obsession. Investing into self-education, many world class mentors and implementing what I learned, helped me move from frustration to having the right knowledge to create a number of successful businesses that served and enriched the lives of tens of thousands of everyday people.

The payoff was enormous, and I found my calling doing what I love most. Helping others get the life they want which gives me a life I love too. A life of meaning, purpose and freedom which has been a dream since I was a young girl growing up in Tasmania.
Except now my vision is much, much bigger than when I was a young girl!

Through the Millionairess Magazine, we’ve created a hub for women to come together to read and hear from other successful Millionairesses who have incredible inspiring stories and ideas to share with you.

The Movement Behind The Magazine

What is the Millionairess Movement and how can you benefit and contribute? Pure and simple, our purpose is to show entrepreneurial women how to become a Millionairess from the inside, out… enriching lives for generations to come. It begins with us.

Our vision is to create a Millionairess ‘Butterfly Effect’ movement, that will positively impact women globally, now and into the future.… A movement that educates, elevates and celebrates the entrepreneurial woman, who wants to be a Millionairess – in every area of her life.

We launched Millionairess Magazine with the aim of educating entrepreneurial women, just like you, from all walks of life. To support you as you grow and elevate yourself worth, net worth and life worth.

With a heavy dose of inspiration coupled with a focus on financial independence and business success. Millionairess is a magazine and a community, for women who want to live a meaningful life by design, not a frustrating life by accident.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a movement of entrepreneurial women who rise together. A movement that educates, elevates and celebrates you!

Each month we will be bringing to you stories and interviews from women that, like you have overcome challenges and forged ahead to make a difference in their own lives as well as lives within their family, community, and globally.

Access to these women is unprecedented and we know you’ll love seeing how they too have become empowered by joining and sharing the movement with other like-minded women.

Amanda Jane Clarkson


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