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Hey there Gorgeous!

I’m Amanda Jane Clarkson, Editor-In-Chief of ‘Millionairess Magazine’ 

Like many women, I am a serial entrepreneur who has started and experienced all types of businesses, ranging from food, traditional retail, health and beauty services, manufacturing, importing, professional speaking, online ecommerce, and education. To name a few LOL.

In fact, I’ve started 14 different businesses from scratch, 10 of them being complete failures because initially, I didn’t have the right ‘success formula, mentor or vehicle.’ 

That’s the rollercoaster journey of an entrepreneur right? One day you’re up, the next day you’re in a heap on the floor mentally, wondering if it’s all worth it?

As a woman in business, for years I wished I had someone who would understand the feelings and emotions I was going through, but I didn’t know where to begin.

The pressure felt unbearable at times and I felt alone and lost.

Ever felt the same?

Maybe like you, I’ve felt exhausted, scared, embarrassed, worried, afraid and a down right failure?

And maybe like you, I had a burning desire to become financially independent and have a successful business, helping others get what they want in life?

Even though I knew what I wanted, ( as most of us do) I just couldn’t seem to turn my dreams to reality. No matter how hard I tried or how many hours I put in. 

I was so frustrated and unhappy.

Yet…no matter how many times I hit the dirt, and there were thousands, somewhere deep inside me there was always a flicker of a flame that would not burn out.

For some reason I could not quit on my self or the dream of wanting to be financially independent and successful in my business life. I wanted to live my life by design, not by accident.

That’s the dream I’d been carrying in my heart since I was a young kid growing up in the 70’s. Perhaps like you, I knew there was more to life than getting a job, and being happy with my ‘lot’ in life. 

NO thanks! I wanted to be a Millionaire, even though I’d never met one or knew how they did it.

Ever feel the same way?

If so, you’re not alone. This I know with certainty.

Throughout the years of starting so many businesses, being in the trenches and living through the good, the bad and downright heartbreaking times, what helped me break through the failures and finally realise my dreams (yes, a few of my business adventures paid off) were my mentors and following my success formula to the letter.

Since 1997 becoming empowered in all areas of my life has been an obsession. Investing into self education, and implementing what I learned, helped me create a number of successful businesses.

Without a single doubt, I know with 100% certainty that investing in the right mentors, and being guided by the right success formula, was the turning point of my life in every area. 

The payoff was Health, Wealth and Happiness in abundance. Finally, after so much frustration, I became a Multi Millionairess from the inside, out.

And so can you.

If you love the idea of being a Millionairess from the inside, out, you’ve come to the right place.

Through the Millionairess Magazine, we’ve created a hub for women to come together to read, and hear from other successful Millionairess’s who have incredible inspiring stories and ideas to share with you.

What is the Millionairess Movement and how can you benefit?

Pure and simple, our purpose is to teach entrepreneurial women how to become a Millionairess from the inside, out. Guided by my potent 7 Step Live Now Formula™ that contains the perfect mix of real life education, universal success laws and real, down to earth ‘practice’ steps.

I’m Amanda Jane Clarkson, Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of Millionairess Magazine; living and following these simple steps has helped me to become a self made Multi Millionairess in my own right.

Our vision is to create a Millionairess ‘Butterfly Effect’ movement, that will positively impact women globally, for generations to come.… a movement that educates, enhances and celebrates the entrepreneurial woman, who wants to be a Millionairess – in every area of her life. 

We launched Millionairess Magazine with the aim of educating entrepreneurial women from all walks of life how to believe in herself and  realise her dreams-in  LOVE, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, VOCATION, PERSONAL GROWTH AND HAPPINESS.

With a heavy dose of inspiration and focus on financial independence and business life success, Millionairess is a magazine for the woman who wants to live a meaningful life by design, not a miserable life by accident.

And to put our own money where our mouth is…

We’re giving away $1,000,000 worth of real life entrepreneurial education, starting with the newly released audio book…

From Frustrated To Fabulous…an inspirational guide for women who dare to live their dreams; written and narrated  by Millionaires Editor-In-Chief, Amanda Jane Clarkson. 

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Bye for now Gorgeous…hope to meet you inside the audio book! 

Amanda Jane Clarkson


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