Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Less From 25 of the Most Successful Women in the World

Thought we’d share this immensely thought-provoking article from The Cut Magazine. It’s called 25 Famous Women on Not Settling for Less.

In this article, Emily Burns and Julie Ma share some thoughtful nuggets of wisdom. Here’s a short snippet:

Settling can be dangerously seductive — only in that it’s far too easy to get lulled into a job, relationship, or routine that is comfortable, easy, and not quite challenging enough. But that lack of challenge comes loaded with danger, because when we choose to settle for less, we also choose to not put our best abilities or self worth to the test.

The 25 women who shared their wisdom for this article are at the top of their game so may want to listen intently to what they have to say. Just click on this link to The Cut Magazine to read what they had to share.