How Counter-Terrorism Techniques Can Help with Your Relationship Building

Came across this interesting this article from The Guardian and thought that it might just help you out with your own relationships. It’s called Improve your relationships – with advice from counter-terrorism experts.

In it, Joanna Moorehead shares some valuable insights. Here’s a short snippet:

The recipe for a successful interrogator, or a person looking for healthy relationships, is to know yourself very well, and to be able to predict what you will tend to say, and also to recognise the personality type of the other person so you know how she or he will tend to react. And the final rule is that you need to be flexible, to be sensitive to the other person so you can adapt to their style.

Joanna Moorehead

The rest of the article gets even more in-depth. So, if you want to read more of it, just click on this link to The Guardian.