Building a Culture of Mindfulness at Work

This fascinating piece is from the wonderful staff of Business 2 Community and I thought immediately that it was worth sharing. It’s called Mindfulness at Work: Developing a Culture of Mindful Leadership and Empathy

This article definitely has some food for thought. Here’s a short snippet:

Employees are tired of a fear-based leadership model. It doesn’t inspire creativity, loyalty and retention. People are craving human-centered cultures that put employees first and foster mindfulness at work. It’s crucial for those in leadership roles to understand that they are planting the seed and creating their company’s culture – there is a very good chance that the same culture will be passed down to future hires. The key question then becomes, what kind of a culture am I creating?

Pandit Dasa

The rest of the article gets even more in-depth. So, if you want to read more of it, just click on this link to the full write-up at Business 2 Community.