Why Chasing Passion Over Money Can Lead to Real Wealth

Thought we’d share this really good article from Forbes called Why Chasing Money Alone Won’t Make You Happy. It’s got a lot of great perspectives.

Here’s a a short snippet:

When you have the vision and a goal, the money will eventually follow you. Doing work that doesn’t get you excited can be draining. In the end, you become a robot just going through the motions. Doing what you love allows you to be creative. It fills you up with energy. When you’re passionate about your career, you actually end up working more because it doesn’t feel like work. By chasing passion, you’ll be more fulfilled, build better relationships and still make as much (or more) money than someone chasing status and income.

There’s a lot more here that we can dissect. Just click on this link to Forbes.com to learn more.