What Female Leaders Need More of

Thought we’d share this fascinating Forbes piece. It’s called How Women Leaders Can Get Recognized In A Remote Working World.

It has some really thought-provoking insights. This one, in particular, really resonated:

In the language of leadership “we” and “us” pronouns are preferable to “I” and “me.” It’s not a subtle difference. Leaders do it because they have an outward focus. They want to engage their teams, inspire cross-functional teamwork and promote a culture where a win in one area is a win for the entire business. Yet, like every good rule, there are useful exceptions. I’ve noticed from my many years of coaching leaders that women can eliminate the “I” altogether and leave others underappreciating their value.

Don’t hesitate to click on this link to Forbes.com to learn the rest of what the article has to say. It’s got a wealth of really good insights.