The Virtues of Solitude

Came across this profound article by Sarah MacDonald. It’s called Being Alone Doesn’t Have to be Scary. Paired with Meaningful Art, Solitude Can Untangle Our Brains.

There are some revelations here that we was absolutely inspiring. Here’s one of them:

Being alone is not the same as feeling lonely, though the similarity is so close so often that it’s easy to slip. I find seclusion nourishing. To help wade through (current) existential or difficult moments, I propose turning the experience of being alone on its head as a benefit and form of self-care. Solitude is a time to reflect, take stock, and check in with yourself — to be with and enjoy yourself. But being alone and happy, I believe, is dependent on the artistic resources around you.

Think that’s interesting? There’s more wisdom to be had in the rest of this piece so do check it out at this link to the full article.