Road Trip Worthy Places To Visit in a Post-COVID 19 World

If you’re itching to go on that road trip, then the easing of intrastate travel must be a liberating feeling. But before you pack your bags and load your car, it’s important that you know which landmarks are actually worth driving off to.

This article has got a ton of recommendations on the best places to embark on a long roadtrip to. It’s also got some great tips and insights. Here’s one that we just couldn’t help but share:

And while taking a road trip to a local region might not seem like much when compared to big extended break, each time you choose to explore and spend locally you’ll also be helping regional tourism businesses and communities to get back on their feet after what has been perhaps the most challenging period the industry has ever faced.

So, yes. Put your car and gear and get moving. If you need a little help, this guide might be worth the look. Just click on the link to Life Hacker Australia to gain full access.