Why Now is the Time to Rise Up and Finally Take That Leadership Position

This SWAAY article by Kathleen Brush makes a lot of sense. It’s a called Here’s Why I Think Coronavirus Is Creating Great Opportunities For Women To Lead.

In it, the founder and CEO of Women’s Leadership Academy shares her insights. This one’s particularly poignant:

COVID-19 is creating thousands of opportunities for aspirational women to step up to the plate. Skilled women need to raise their hands, because nothing could be more important for the greater good than participating in the success of this economic reset. As a bonus, we can find more women promoted “permanently” into senior leadership. Ladies, let’s seize the moment.

It’s a thought-provoking piece that we’d love to give you guys the opportunity to read. So, take a look at the rest of it by clicking on this link to the full article at SWAAY.com