Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Job Define You

Here’s a really fascinating piece from the Australian Financial Review. It’s called You’re more than your job title by Rebekah Campbell.

In it, she shares some really fascinating insights. Here’s one that we found really thought-provoking:

I started to notice how much I use “brand association” to determine credibility. Last week, I met with a personal coach and felt my eyes scrunch with scepticism until she mentioned that she works with teams at consulting firm KPMG and Commonwealth Bank. It was as if my brain ticked an imaginary box: OK, you’re someone I should listen to.

I decided to learn why we think being attached to a brand name is so important. I spoke with Fox to hear more about the challenge and benefits of letting go of her business identity, and to Adrian Kelly, who works with people in career transition as managing director at Outplacement Australia.

There are some really interesting points here so don’t hesitate to click on the link to learn more…

Read the source article at Financial Review