The Mindset of Trailblazers

Here’s an interesting piece episode from Claire Obeid. It’s called When you have no reference point for all you are experiencing.

It’s got some really thought provoking perspectives. Here’s one of them:

Your ego seeks to find love, security, abundance, self-worth, joy, happiness from all things external. Your job, your friendships, lovers, your clothing, what you own and do, and who you are. Accolades and celebrations for you, because of you and what you do/create/offer.

Your truth, your soul, your divine self doesn’t seek for any of that. It is already all of that. It need not look without because within you is all that you could ever truly need and want.

It’s an insightful podcast episode so listen to it further if you want to learn more…

Read the source article at Mind body soul coaching + healing