A Solopreneur’s Guide to Lead Generation

There are some really interesting points being raised by the lovely Donna Amos here. It’s an article titled 5 Lead Generation Startegies by Solopreneurs.

In it, she shares some of her thoughts. This one, we thought, was especially insightful:

By offering time, content and value to other influencers, charities and brands in your industry and related industries, you can quickly reach new markets and new customers who have never even heard of you but are part of your target market.

The secret is to choose influencers that are a good fit and then give plenty of value first before asking for something in return. Don’t just spam a bunch of influential bloggers and brands who are light years ahead of you and expect them to jump at the chance of featuring you on their blog or podcast. Reach out and spend some time becoming a part of their communities. Contribute first – genuinely and sincerely – before asking for anything for yourself.

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