What It’s Like to Cut Your Relationships Down to the Core Group

Not all your friendships are good for you. This is what Georgina Fuller found out when she “culled” here friend groups down to the ones she value.

She shares her findings in this article from The Guardian. Here’s some of her insights that we thought was interesting: 

Overall though, I’ve found that, when it comes to friendships, less really is more –something that has even been scientifically proven. A recent report, from the University of Leeds, found that those with a small number of close friends had higher levels of wellbeing and were happier with their social lives. While they didn’t specify a prerequisite number of friends, I would guess that, for most people, it would be less than you can count on two hands.

The study of 1,496 adults, published in Psychology and Aging, found that younger people had larger social networks but these consisted mostly of “peripheral” friends, such as colleagues or online-only friends. Older people with closer, more positive friendships fared better emotionally. 

Thinking of minimizing your friends too? You may want to hear the rest of what Georgina has to say in the rest of this article.

Read the source article at theguardian.com